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Thread: My name is Martin an I be a alcaholic

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    My name is Martin an I be a alcaholic

    Lost a wife an two childrens,lost My home,tools and most everything else I thought I needed,well,I did`nt loose Me motorcicles,heyheyhey,but I did have to pay forum.:D lived the life of a drunk an started showing into work late,sick and tired,well,they let it go for the longest period of time an then one day Mee supervisor tells Me they was going to "HAVE" to start doing this thing called discaplinary action on Me,what the heck,I thought We was doing great right the way things was going,why complicate the matter with something so trivial as "Disaplinary action"??? Well they did it anyways,a day oft with out pay,next time it was a two day oft without pay,I guess You see where this is going huh,well after about the fifth time{most people it would have been the third time an Your out but God was watching out for Me through another employee} and I knew{without them telling Me}that if I goofed oft once more I would be out on My keeebobs and without any "Money for BEEEER n WHIKEY"so I was trying with everything I had{Later on learneded that it was what is known as "Will Power" to quit drinkin,getting down on Mine knees and with Meee head and face buried in the carpet,crying out "GOD,DONT LET ME TAKE ANOTHER DRINK!!!!!!",there,now,it is in Gods hands so I`ll let Him deal witit,heyheyhey,well the next day would be kind of miserable,that night it would turn into irritability and discontentment and then the next day i would be almost totally out a control with a lot a hatin going on towards everybody an everything aroun Me.welp,You guessed it,I turned into work "LATE AGAIN!!!!!!!" an I knew thet there big o`l hammer was a gonna fall.
    Now is when the innervention of God really sets in.They did`nt do the disclipinary action towards Me cause it was almost"Christmas Time",I found out later.
    Over the course of having Holiday for Christmas is when the miracle happened,I got drunk,I dont mean drunk,I mean really drunk and when I come to I had gone through almost eighteen hunnert dollars and I could not rememer hardly anything but juz a glimpse here an there,it was Christmas day,in the evening,the sun was real low but so was I,it was affer dark afore I finally quit blacking out and was able to get off a the bed,I found a new "Cell Phone" in the pickumup and thought either I had stolen it or someone I may have given a ride to had left it,nope,warnt that,I found a receipt,a contract style receipt,I had now a new celley what I could not afford.LOL
    As it was,I had started drinking around eight on Friday evening,dont remember much but I do rememer blacking out{again} whilst falling acrost the bed an the alarm clock said it was about midnight or juz a few after on Christmas day so it had been way over twenty four hours since I had slept last and Christmas day was about over with when I come to,had a very sobering Monday off as Christmas was on Sunday so they give us Monday in leiu thereof,I had a lot of time to think,man I had to quit drinking,somehow,someway,I had the bottle a whiskey and Mine pistol setting on the coffeee table,thinking,thinking,thinking,I was going to cease to exist on this earth if I could`nt figger out a way to quit drinking.Well.I made it through Monday.
    Tuesday mornin I was up 'EARLY" and called Mine supervisor,told Him some things comeup over the weeekend that I needed to take care of,He told Me,Why yes,You have time coming so go ahead and We`ll see You tomorrow,He "thanked" me for calling,doh,took Me a while to figure that out.:D so after I come to again I called the R.R. foundation and they told Me to get in there right away,I then called Mine supervisor and tole Him "Mr. supervisor,I have a problem with alcahol and I do`nt know how to handle it,We talked about it for a while andf He gave Me the numbers for the counceling service.after I hung up the phone and was moving about the house,I noticed something felt different,a calm,a peace,that feeling that everything is going to be OK,no matter what,even if they did fire Me,I would be OK,well,I was guided into AA through the councilor and after a lot of years I discovered is what all them good feelings was is,I was releived from the cravings and desires to take that next drink,that "Perfect Release From Alcoholism".
    I finally figured out here a couple a weeks ago,all that drinkin and all them drugs I used and I believe it was all in search of what I was granted with that perfect release,the feeling that I am OK,You are OK,everything is going to be allright,I fit in,in the group and in society itself,around My friends,around Mine enemies and around strangers,I fit in today.
    Thats Mine story an I`m stickin toit.:o:D
    Sober by the grace of God since Feb. 6, 2010
    Que sera, sera.
    May God bless you and keep you as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny,

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    Lost in Eastern Montaneee
    Aaaaand,I`m still stickin toit.LOL

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    That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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