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Thread: Hangovers

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    When I was a practicing alcoholic I prided myself on not having hangovers. Sure there was the occasional day after a 'special night' or something when I didn't drag my butt out of bed until 3pm the next day, but those were few, and far between. 99.9% of the time I just got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to work. I usually had a headache, but it was always gone by the time I got to work.

    The last year or so of my drinking rarely saw a single night without me getting drunk. When I first came to Alcoholics Anonymous even though I hadn't started 'working the program' yet, just the rush of hope I felt from finding this place where everyone knew exactly what it was like to feel like me, was enough for me to go 9 days without a drink! During those 9 days, I didn't notice feeling any different. I didn't notice my head being clearer or physically feeling better, other than the lack of a headache in the morning and the extra sleep I was getting. But then it happened. After 9 days I had my first of two 'slips'. The next day I felt horrible. I had a pounding headache, felt sick to my stomach, shaky, burnt out, etc. Worst of all was that familiar feeling of having failed at sobriety once again, or just being a general failure with no will power, the feeling I had most every morning before coming to AA.

    I think that the physical recovery (not from alcoholism, but from the effects of drinking every night) came slow enough that combined with the misery of being an alcoholic with nothing filling the whole that alcohol filled, kept me from noticing how much better I felt. I realized that day that I felt EXACTLY like I felt every day when I was drinking. I realized that all that time when I thought I didn't get hangovers, I really did. I was just so used to feeling that way I thought it was normal.
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    WOW!!!!! that`s a nice write up.

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